3D File

A 3D model file is required for print, this utilises modelling techniques which the 3D printer can interrupt and output a product.

Upload & Order

Once your model is complete, it will be uploaded and an order will be created with our supplier. Various options of materials & colours will be available.


Using 10 different 3D printing technologies, 20 different materials, and over 100 possible colour and finish combinations, we offer only the highest quality to turn your ideas into 3D printed reality.


The finished product will be shipped directly to you! The standard delivery time (the time between placing and shipping your order) lies between 6 and 20 business days


Kohan Services offer a variety of materials for 3D printing such as, Rubber-like, Multicolor, Polyamide, 18K Gold and more! We offer high quality modelling Using 10 different 3D printing technologies, 20 different materials, and over 100 possible color and finishing combinations. You can find our material options below:

Printing Sizes

When Designing a 3D model, size is important to consider. We offer various different print dimensions which vary from material to material. Please refer to the size chart below. We strive to find a size inwhich will be both functional and economical for you.

3D File Format

We support STL, OBJ, WRL, SKP, Collada (DAE), 3MF, 3DS, IGS, MODEL, 3DM, FBX, PLY, Magics, MatAMX, MGX, X3D, X3DV, STP, STEP, PRT and MATPART to upload your designs.

For AMF, NDO, ASC, CLI, SLC, MTT, MDCK, CLS, F&S, SSL, SLI, PRJ, SAT, CATProduct, DXF, ZCP, PRT and ASM files, you can request an offline price. To request an offline price, you can compress your file(s) as a ZIP, RAR or 7z file through the 3D print lab. One of our support engineers will then contact you shortly after. If we have any problems opening your files, we’ll contact you. Alternately, you can also email us your files.

The most commonly used file formats for 3D printing today are 3MF, STL, OBJ, X3D, PLY, Collada (DAE) and WLR (VRML97/2). Below we listed some of the most popular 3D design tools among our user community that can export these file formats. Some of the formats are also able to include colors or textures in the file (e.g. 3MF, PLY, VRML, X3D, and Collada), while others store the texture in a separate image file (GIF, JPG or PNG) and map-file (OBJ).


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    Accepted file types: stl, obj, wrl, skp, collada, dae, 3mf, 3ds, igs, model, 3dm, fbx, ply, magics, matamx, mgx, x3d, x3dv, stp, step, prt, matpart.
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